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Friday, February 25, 2011

Q: Hahaha! You're cute! :) Are we gonna get any more Rachel/Blaine duets??
A: I would bet on it!

Q: Someday, you can choose any song of Fall Out Boy or Coldplay to song in Glee, it is possible?
A: Coldplay!! I pray for that every evening.

Q: since the whole cast loves Adele, what do you think about covering some of her stuff?
A: great idea! I love her too... stay tuned/.

Q: Will Kurt be leaving the Warblers soon?
A: I hope so!! ND needs him!

Q: There seems to be more Top 40 fare this season compared to last. Would you agree, and any particular reasons for the changes?
A: it will fluctuate back and forth.

Q: If there were gonna be a blink-182 song on glee, would you consider doing All the Small Things or even Adam's Song?!
A: I like those songs!@

Q: will Harry Shum get solo (talking is counted) or duet in season2?
A: dancing for sure!

Q: Can we expect to see Jonathan Groff back this season anytime soon? He has such an amazing singing voice.
A: I hope so!! I LOVE him.

Q: any posibility of Glee record a song in Portuguese or Spanish?? Brazil loves Glee!!!
A: probably not... only Mr. Shue and Gwyneth soeak spanish! LOL

Q: Ryan Murphy mentioned @DarrenCriss would be singing Misery. Is that still happening?
A: yes

Q: Cory has said he really wants to sing "I Want To Know What Love is". Any chance Finn could sing it to Rachel when they reunite?
A: great song for him!

Q: Is it true Lea will be singing Pink's f--n perfect?
A: possible yes. Confirmed no!

Q: If you could pick one song to describe how Finn feels for Rachel, what would it be?
A: I must have been love by roxette. that's a depressing thought!! LOL

Q: Any plans for Lea to sing one of the amazing songs from Spring Awakening?
A: not yet. Could happen though

Q: Will you ever do a flash back music number from when Will was in the high school Glee club? (I'm thinking some Boyz II Men...)
A: I like that! Not planned... but a great idea.

Q: What has been the most difficult song to re-create? Why?
A: tough one... Thriller. Cuz I was afraid if I messed this up my head would roll!

Q: is there a song that you would want to hear covered on the show? if so, who would cover it?
A: new directions singing AFRICA by Toto.

Q: Tina's only solo was 25 episodes ago! In which episode is she getting one again? She deserves a showstopping number!
A: In my opinion she had the best song of the season. DOG DAYS ARE OVER!! I knew she would kill that!

Q: will Tina get any solos any time soon?
A: yes!

Q: More Darren/Chris duets soon? Baby It's Cold Outside feels like it was decades ago.
A: it was wasn't it? I'll work on that. Sounds like a great idea!

Q: Can we except more karaoke tracks on iTunes in the future like you did some last year?
A: yes

Q: I want Finchel to sing any song from Backstreet Boys please!
A: how about MORE THAN THAT or UNMISTAKABLE? I wrote them!!! lol

Q: maroon 5, beatles, white plain t's, hey monday, panic! at the disco on GLEE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: we got most of those covered!!! LOL

Q: Who's singing Landslide?
A: Gwyneth Paltrow and friends!! It's AMAZING!

Q: favorite song of all time??
A: just recorded it with Chris Colfer!! Can't tell you what it is though!! hahah

Q: Can you tell us anything about any upcoming Quinn/Rachel numbers? P.S. You are a musical genius. <3
A: Nothing together planned... Rachel has some awesome songs coming!! And thanks!!

Q: Are there any Dianna's songs? If so with who?
A: Dianna lost her voice for a little while.. we are nursing her back then she will be rockin it again!

Q: Any Lea/Naya duets???
A: Nothing yet!!

Q: Will we be getting to hear Lea and Mark sing more together? Their duet was absolute perfection!
A: nothing planned... but you never know! Need You Now was special!

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  1. Q: Will we be getting to hear Lea and Mark sing more together? Their duet was absolute perfection!
    A: nothing planned... but you never know! Need You Now was special!

    NEED YOU NOW WAS SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Adam ships Puckleberry! ♥