Dianna Fears For Her Life

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sometimes couples break up and things are mutual and calm; sometimes, they’re totally insane and potentially violent. Unfortunately for Dianna Agron, you can put her recently disintegrated relationship with Alex Pettyfer in the latter category — if there’s any truth to what the gossip mongers are saying.

According to Us Weekly, things are so bad between the two that Dianna is staying in a hotel under an assumed name. The Glee star moved out of her place with Alex two weeks ago and since then the actor has been on the warpath. He reportedly confrontedSebastian Stan (Leighton Meester’s ex-boyfriend) about the rumor that he slept with Dianna.

E! Online has a different story. A source close to the pair claims that Alex can be a “little controlling.” The source continued: "He would always take her phone and read her messages and seemed really paranoid that she would cheat. [Dianna] would never do that."

We have no idea what to think. Sometimes relationships just don’t work. All we know for sure is that Dianna is young, beautiful, and we wish her the best.
I mean WHAT?

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  1. This is all a lie. The tabloids are just mad because Dianna and Alex were classy and had a quiet break up so they decided to write some lies about them to make money. Why can't they just leave them alone? Their break up was quiet because there was no drama behind it. They just broke up, simple as that.