Glee & Their Dropped Storylines

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's been said many times that the best way to enjoy Glee is to just forget about the inconsistent storylines and enjoy the musical numbers and one-liners. We agree with that sentiment, for the most part, but we still like to keep them honest by pointing out the many plotlines and characters Glee has picked up and then dropped just as quickly as they came.

Eve High
Remember Jane Addams Academy, school for troubled girls? Those musical little pickpockets were a big part of the entire Sectionals arc, and their director Grace (played by Eve) was even responsible for Sue Sylvester's big suspension in Season 1. How has Sue not murdered her for that? How has New Directions never crossed paths with them again? How is Puck not married to one of them by now? We may never know.

Finn's Best Friend the Paraplegic
When Rachel's sore throat got her down in Season 1, Finn decided to teach her a Very Special Lesson by introducing her to his quadriplegic friend Sean (Artie, the paraplegic they already know, simply wasn't destitute enough) so she could get some perspective on the triviality of her illness (that Artie couldn't give her). Not only did Finn describe him as a close friend, but at the end of the episode Rachel agreed to give him singing lessons, and yet, we never saw Sean again, despite two major characters purportedly having an ongoing relationship with him.

The Deaf School
Look, we definitely don't want another episode with the deaf choir (though we do miss their director Dalton Rumba), but that notwithstanding, they are still one of the things Glee has brought up, made a big deal out of, and then forgotten about completely. Just goes to show you that not every dropped storyline is a bad thing.

That Time the Football Team Loved Beyoncé
For how homophobic and intolerant of everything glee club the football team loves to be, it's easy to forget that just last season they won a game by dancing Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" on the football field, led to victory by Kurt, of all people. Sure, those were the days before Karofsky, but it's awfully schizophrenic to be earnestly booty-slappin' to the tunes of a gay icon one day and then pretending that singing and dancing is "for fags" the next.

Sandy Ryerson and His Community Theater
Either the populace of McKinley High is buying their drugs elsewhere, or they've all formed a secret pact to go completely radio silent on Sandy Ryerson, former glee club director and esteemed dealer to all of greater Ohio. And how Kurt, Mercedes and even Rachel, despite her history with Sandy, continually manage to resist his community theater productions remains totally beyond us.

Shelby Corcoran, Everyone's Mom
Remember how Rachel's mother adopted Quinn and Puck's baby? No residual emotional damage for anyone from that? No jokes about how Rachel and that baby are sisters now? No? We're just not going to mention it again? OK.

That Puck Dated Mercedes
The glee club's been oh-so shocked that Puck is pursuing Lauren Zizes romantically, which is easy to do if you've completely forgotten that he also dated the plus-sized Mercedes in Season 1.

That Sue Sylvester is a Famous YouTube Sensation
As that woman who walked into a mall fountain recently can tell you, being a YouTube sensation is like contracting herpes -- it's incurable, and it keeps creeping up on you at the most inopportune times. That Sue Sylvester was able to parlay her "Physical" tribute video into something so viral that Olivia Newton-John herself requested to remake the video with her and then have that completely erased it from her life -- and the show -- is something even Sue Sylvester isn't powerful enough to do.

That Will Loves Emma
What? She marries another guy and all of a sudden he's cured? He wasn't that respectful of other people's relationships when he kissed her during her engagement to his friend Ken Tanaka. Her, we don't question, however. She's under the spell of the Stamos, and every creature with a heart and two eyes is powerless against that.

That Finn and Kurt Live Together
We haven't seen Kurt and Finn at home together since Finn's mom married Kurt's dad, as the show has opted instead to weave Kurt back into the McKinely-verse by having him enjoy some girl time with Mercedes and Rachel... at Rachel's house. Guess Finn and Kurt just never cross paths now that Kurt goes to a different school. Which we guess is possible -- 15,000 square-foot tract homes are unusual, but they're not unheard of.

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