Parents Television Council names Glee "Worst of the Week"!

Monday, February 28, 2011

After a months-long drought, the PTC finally recognized Glee for its contributions to television, naming Blame it on the Alcohol the worst show of the week.

Glee has been recognized in this category twice before, for Showmance and Britney/Brittany. Now another joins this elite group (also note the amusing 'graphic content warning":

Compared to Skins on MTV, Glee almost feels like an after-school special. On Skins, the consequences of bad behavior aren’t always clear. Plotlines aren’t wrapped in neat little packages and the lessons the characters are supposed to learn aren’t always clear. While the February 22nd alcohol-fueled episode of Glee at least attempted to convey a message, it was lost amid the drunken revelry. Thus, for mixed messaging and sexual content Glee has been named Worst TV Show of the Week.

I have high hopes that Sexy will earn this award two weeks from now; any discussion of sex education that goes beyond abstinence-only should get their motors running.

When will people learn that Glee is not a fucking "family friendly" show?

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