Spoiler about future Warbler song!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"It is the foam number. There's girls there too in uniforms from their private school. It is mostly DC's song (singing to Kurt, yay) but CC sings too: guesstimate 80/20. Fantasy? Dunno. Shot in an industrial area of Lynwood."

Someone at TWOP said they saw Chris, Darren, and the Warblers doing “Animal” by Neon Trees.
"Anyway, last Wednesday they shot a big dance number with CC/DC and the Warblers and the song was Animal by Neon Trees. I don't know that song (and my friend there said it's terrible, ha) but lyrics pretty positive!?"

What does this mean for the storyline? Well, so far every single song that the Warblers have sung could have been songs from Blaine’s POV to Kurt but none of them were. In other words, I would love for this to have something to do with plot and character development, but I’m not convinced yet that it will. The lyrics would be appropriate though, so we’ll see. :)

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