Disgraced Gary Glitter song in Glee

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Glee producers have been criticized by executives at a children's charity for featuring a song by convicted sex offender Gary Glitter in a classroom scene.

In an episode entitled Sexy, which aired in the U.S. on Tuesday, substitute teacher Holly Holiday, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, sings Glitter's 1973 track Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah) to a group of high school students during a talk about sex education.

Glitter, who served three years in a Vietnam prison for sexually assaulting two young girls, stands to receive thousands of dollars in royalties as he owns the rights to the song, which is now available for purchase on digital retailer iTunes.

Networks in the rocker's native U.K. are now considering cutting Paltrow's performance when the episode is screened in Britain next month after viewers expressed concern over Glitter's inclusion on the Glee soundtrack.

Claude Knights, director of children's charity Kidscape, says, "It is regrettable that the producers did not consider the implication of using such a track in the context of a sex education class. The fact that this song is linked to Gary Glitter, and the words themselves, make it wholly inappropriate."

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