E! Spoilers

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Karen: I keep hearing that there's a Glee episode coming up where the bully Karofsky sings "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga. Is that this week's episode? I really want to see that number!
Unfortunately, no. Karofsky, played by Max Adler, will not be appearing in this week's episode. But we get Burt Hummel again! Does that make up for it?

leslielovegood (via Twitter): Any good news for Klaine?
At Regionals, look for an adorable, precious, absolutely heartwarming moment between Kurt and Blaine that takes place during a number. It will be a Glee scene Klaine fans won't soon forget.

JolooZoombo (via Twitter): Jonathan Groff was spotted at an Oscar party with Lea Michele and the Glee kids. Is Jesse St. James coming back to Glee!?!?
Sadly, Groff's presence does not mean he's shooting a Glee ep right now. He's still supposed to appear sometime on the show again sometime this season, but the insiders tell us that party time last night was just because he and Lea Michele are old friends from their Spring Awakening days.

@xoxJessie19xox (via Twitter): Glee!
Glee is casting for a "nerdy African American kid" to guest as a featured extra. Paging Jaleel White—or maybe they should just hire Magnitude from Community?

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