E! Spoilers

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tatpsy: Any news about Jonathan Groff's return on Glee? He's in LA and there are a lot of rumors that he's back on Glee.
You know we always keep our eyes, ears and arms open for any info on the Groff's return to our television. We believe Ryan Murphy's promise that Jesse St. James will be back, and we have a feeling he'll show up just in time for Nationals in New York City. Meanwhile, if you're really missing Groff, check out the trailer for his new film The Conspirator. He's big time now!

heyytamara: Glee. Klaine. Obv.
Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) have a very lovely scene together coming up. Unfortunately, the setting of this scene is less than romantic…it's at a funeral.

MightyMouseMark: How about some FaBerry friendship?
You know, it's really hard to keep track of these Glee couple names. But don't worry, we've started to write them down in our Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers. Anyway, this week's episode will set the groundwork for a real Rachel and Quinn connection. Don't let the promo fool you; Quinn isn't as evil as she appears. Nor are her motives.

brithegLeek: Glee, por favor!
Remember when they cast cutie-patootie kiddo versions of the New Directions kids? Well the kiddo cuteness ain't over yet, because Glee bosses are looking for a "toddler" version of Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink). Well, the character description says toddler, but she'll actually be more of a tot—this Zizes is described as being somewhere between five and eight years old, and pudgy.

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