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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Honeybeat44 in Chicago, Ill.: There are conflicting reports saying that Glee won't be coming until April 19 and not April 12 as we first thought. Help! I'm going through some serious withdrawals.
Sorry, you'll have to suffer one week longer than planned: Fox confirms that Glee won't be back until April 19.

taylor_b22: Glee scoop! Please tell me Sam & Rachel is not happening!
As of right now, we can tell you Sam and Rachel is not happening, but Glee productions rolls on everyday, so we can't say it'll never happen. If those two do get together, then from what we understand based on other storylines, it'll be a big twist that would cause a lot of problems for others besides Finn. We think it would make more of a mess than what the shock is worth, but Ryan Murphy certainly does love to make things sticky.

LittleMsCutie12: Any hints on what's to come for Rachel/Quinn friendship-wise?
We know of a moment coming up that Rachel and Quinn fans have been wanting, asking about and flat-out begging for since the beginning of the Quinn-Rachel-Finn debacle, and they won't be disappointed in the least. And let's not forget about the surely awesome Rachel and Quinn duet that was recently filmed. Can't wait!

jvento: Is Tina ever going to get a legitimate storyline this season on Glee? She's been grossly underused this year!
Agreed. That whole "Funny Valentine" meltdown was super weird and uncomfortable. Thankfully, Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) will get some good stuff coming up, and not just involving stroking Mike's abs.

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