Glee Review: Winners Like Them

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It started with a door bursting open, and it ended in a group hug. And in between...a whole mess of Glee action filled tonight's episode to the brim. There was barely enough time to enjoy all the moments we've been anticipating for weeks!

Warning: Don't go any further if you haven't watched tonight's episode...


Glee Killed Off a Character: Pavarotti, the treasured Warblers canary, bit it less than ten minutes in. Did you guess right that this was the Glee death? It wasn't the biggest character on the show, but you can't deny that the death had a major impact. Also, it led to a beautiful Kurt solo (finally!) and the realization that he still has cassette tapes. Well, if anyone can make them trendy again, it's Mr. Kurt Hummel. And is it just me, or are the Warblers' meetings getting more and more entertaining?

Quinn and Rachel Become Frenemies: Since Finn is apparently a hot commodity, Quinn is frantic to hold onto him because she "really likes him" and because she wants to be prom queen. She admitted her motives were a little crazy and she was only "relatively sane," so maybe those who think Quinn should go to therapy were onto something. But I told you Quinn's motives weren't entirely awful. Rachel is destined to be a big star, and Quinn, as cruel as her words were, was just trying to help that along. Maybe Rachel isn't meant to be with Finn. Maybe she's meant to move to New York City, go on Broadway, and fall in love with her costar in the stage version of Inception. It could happen.

Original Songs Up the Wazoo: When Glee first announced it was doing original songs, I bet you thought we'd only get clever and beautifully written numbers. Wrong. Like a gift that keeps on giving, we got performances by Santana and Puck that were both inappropriate and awesome. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to look for "Trouty Mouth" on iTunes.

Brittana Fans Must Continue to Wait: Santana is still feeling the pain from Brittany's heartbreaking rejection. And even though she's not expressing it in the healthiest way, it's nice to see that Santana is human and isn't ignoring her emotions. Meanwhile, she's writing songs with...Tina? Random, but we'll take it.

Blaine Wakes the Hell Up: The only notes I had for Blaine and Kurt's first kiss were as follows: "Squee!" "Finally!" and "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Instead of writing how I felt during Blaine and Kurt's "Candles" duet, I'll just paint you a word picture: me, sitting five inches from my television screen, smiling like a goofy fool. And that's why my roommates refuse to watch TV with me anymore. By the by…you did catch Finn and Rachel locking eyes during "Candles," yes?

Mercedes Reminds Us She's Awesome: "Hell to the No" will go on my workout playlist so I can get through those last few minutes of elliptical machine doom. Even though they didn't use her jam in Regionals, it was still nice to hear an Amber Riley solo. It's been a while.

Rachel Gets It Right: Ms. Berry, who never knows the right words to say, finally said her piece the best way she knows how: with honest singing. What more was there to say to Finn then "I just want to fix it somehow?" With the looks Finn was giving her (and the anxious expressions from Quinn), we'd say she's on the right track to making it right with Finn.

Judges Stir the Pot: This isn't American Idol, so there wasn't any discussion on if the glee clubs were "pitchy, dawg." No, the judges ranted about the gay community's right to marry, our president being a terrorist, and other normal stuff like that. That, paired with the freeze frame to introduce the judges, was very reminiscent of season one.

New York, Here We Come: Thankfully, Carla Turlington Stevens was drunk and didn't beat around the bush. She told us what we already knew…New Directions is headed to Nationals in the big city! Rachel Berry is MVP, Blaine and Kurt have each other, and the episode ended in a group hug. Makes you all warm in the heart, doesn't it? Wait, I think that's just heartburn from inhaling my post-Glee Chinese take-out too quickly.

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