Human League Love Glee But Thinks Ryan Murphy is a "Bit Out of Order"...That Much is True

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Human League quite like ‘Glee’ and were pleased when the show asked to use their 1981 hit ‘Don’t You Want Me’ in one episode, though the group’s main man Phil Oakey still thinks ‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy is a bit of a dick for publicly dissing any musician that refuses permission for their songs to be featured.

As previously reported, Murphy called Slash a “washed-up old rock star” when he told journalists he’d turned ‘Glee’ down because he didn’t like the show, and the Kings Of Leon were “self-centered assholes” for not allowing their songs to be used. Last week Dave Grohl spoke out against Murphy’s artist dissing, telling Hollywood Reporter: “Dude, maybe not everyone loves ‘Glee’. Me included’”.

The League were actually rather happy when ‘Glee’ wanted to include one of their songs, with the group’s Joanne Catherall telling Digital Spy: “I love ‘Glee’. It’s so camp. I just think it’s fantastic. I think it’s good that they’ve done a song of ours. Through the series they’re charting different sorts of music and I think I would have been slightly annoyed – because we have got a place in pop history – if they hadn’t popped us in somewhere”.

But Oakey added that it was “out of order” that Murphy had criticized Slash and Kings Of Leon just because they didn’t want their songs to feature. He told DS: “The producer was a bit out of order with them. It’s their music. If they wanna ban it from being in there, I think they’ve got a right to ban it from being in there”.

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