Iqbal Theba Brings Affordable “Online Guidance Counseling” as SuperFutures’ Principal

Monday, March 07, 2011

“Oh No, I’m Stuck with Construction,” He Says Before Finding Acting

What do I want to be when I grow up? It’s a question everyone asks. Now, Iqbal Theba – best known as Principal Figgins in the hit TV show, Glee – is joining SuperFutures as its honorary principal and partner to help teens find the answer.

“These are questions that all teenagers face, even those in American’s most famous high school — Glee’s McKinley High,” Theba said to students of one of the Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools.“

At the same time, administrators like Principal Figgins are forced to struggle with the question of how to balance shrinking budgets with investments in programs that enable his students to pursue their passions. The reality is that McKinley students are luckier than most.”

Today, joined by SuperFutures’ CEO and nationally known financial expert Jennifer Openshaw, Theba checked in with students at New Media Arts and Entertainment Design High in East LA, the first school to leverage technology to provide college and career planning and skill building.

Currently, only 38% of US college students graduate in four years (CollegeBoard) and 79% of parents report that their teen’s successful transition to the real world is a top concern (SuperFutures).

In a SuperFutures video, Theba shares his own story: “I spent four years at a school of architecture doing something I knew I didn’t want to do. And once I graduated, I realized: ‘Oh no, I’m stuck with it.’ Most schools, like the one I attended, do not have the budget for the programs and individual coaching needed to help our teens turn their dreams into reality. If I had a resource like SuperFutures that could have helped me pursue my dream of acting at an earlier age, I could’ve saved myself – and my parents – a lot of time, money, and headache.”

SuperFutures is the nation’s first and only online career guidance community designed with Harvard experts, delivering content, coaching and courses to help teens answer: What do I want to be when I grow up? And, how do I get there? SuperFutures employs an engaging online learning platform coupled with trained coaches and experts to help students clarify their passions, college majors, and career options and build the skills to succeed in today’s economy.

The students at New Media Arts and Entertainment High are participating in two SuperFutures courses: Discover Your Future and Passions into Impact that are available both to schools and directly to parents.

“Helping each teen -- and America -- win the future is more important than ever,” said Openshaw. “Every American parent, adult, and legislator has a responsibility to ensure today’s teens are prepared to step out from the artificial world of school and into the real world. Now, we’re making it possible.”

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