Matthew Morrison: on Being Single... And Not Gay

Thursday, March 31, 2011

He stars in the campest show on TV so it’s no wonder that some fans have jumped to the wrong conclusion about Matthew Morrison. And the Glee hunk is more than happy to set the record, er, straight. He isn’t gay.

“I sing and dance for a living and there is that connotation associated with me,” he says. “I don’t care, I know my truth. Does it make it difficult to get with women? No. It makes it easier. My time on Broadway was the best. There was a lot of beautiful dancers – and being one of the only straight guys... I kinda had a lot of options.

Strangely, becom­­ing a global star thanks to Glee has not improved his love life. He admits: “I don’t get as much female attention as you’d think, because I never go out. Maybe I’m unapproachable...

Girls, if you’reinterested, he says he likes a nice smile, hates bad breath and fancies Michelle Obama (“she’s a beautiful woman”) but he worries he won’t be the best companion in the world.

I know what it takes to be a good boyfriend,” he explains. “Time, first and foremost. To be there for someone and be involved in their life. But I’m so involved in what I’m doing. It’s so rare that a moment like this happens in a person’s career and I’m really trying to ride that wave.”

Matthew’s character in Glee is lovable teacher Mr Schuester, who pupils rush to for help and advice – and a cabaret-style song and dance.

He also has a hectic life away from the screen... The US star, 32, is in Britain to promote his debut album but he also had time to catch up with pals Princess Beatrice and her fella Dave Clark at Eugenie’s 21st birthday party last weekend.

“Beatrice is fantastic,” he says. “I’m really good friends with her boyfriend.” Which quashes last year’s rumours of a romance between Mat­­thew and the princess. “I don’t think the royal life is for me,” he adds with a grin. “We went to her house in Windsor. Not the palace – the royal lodge. I just went for an hour so I didn’t get her anything... I didn’t even know it was her birthday. I just turned up and there was this big scavenger hunt on bikes. It was amazing. Then they were all just at the house and a bunch of my friends were there.

“I haven’t been invited to the royal wedding. I don’t think I’d want to go. I kinda wanna have a royal wedding party at my house.” And he jokes: “I tried to get the wedding singer gig but they didn’t want me.”

Matthew wasn’t just linked to Beatrice last summer. He was spotted on dates with Kelly Brook – days after she split from England rugby star Danny Cipriani. “Kelly’s in LA a lot so we tried to hang out,” he explains. “But our schedules are too busy.

“We still talk. I sent her an email saying congratulations on her pregnancy and she replied saying ‘Thank you, we’re very happy’.” Kelly, 31, is expecting her first child with Thom Evans.

Speaking in his suite at the Grosvenor House Hotel in central London, Matthew adds that fame has its downsides. He says he had to beef up security at his home in LA because of a besotted fan.

One girl stalked me home but I have a gate so they can’t get in.” He catches himself and laughs at the idea that there is a constant stream of women at his door. “They!” he chuckles. “But it’s weird. This girl, who must have just been a fan, wanted to find out where I live and followed me home. I didn’t call the police, though. She just left.

“Since then I installed video cameras and stuff. So I can be on my phone here and check my security. It’s actually really cool.”

He says Glee’s teacher-pupil scenario can be a turn-on for some women. “There is definitely something to be said about the teacher thing,” he says. “For some girls. But it’s not really the way I wanted to portray Will Schuester.

I wanted him to be that teacher that everybody wished they had. A role model and shoulder to cry on.” He grins: “Actually, for Valentine’s Day this year somebody sent me a card that was a picture of me, that said ‘I’m hot for teacher’.”

After heating up our screens, now comes a raunchy single, Summer Rain, about an al fresco sexual experience. “Everyone is saying ‘Matthew likes having sex outside’ but for me it was a great moment I had with a girlfriend at the time.''


“The song’s about being young and in love and it’s a beautiful summer day. It started raining. We ran to go inside but we didn’t quite make it.”

Matthew, who plans to shoot a film in his next break from the Emmy Award-winning series, is also releasing an album in May, which includes collaborations with Elton John and Gwyneth Paltrow, who he worked with in Glee.

He says approaching Sir Elton was one of his toughest challenges. “It was kinda like asking someone to a prom. Or to dance. But he couldn’t have been nicer.” He also reveals Gwyneth has turned Coldplay singer husband Chris Martin into a Glee fan.

Matthew tours here in June, which he says will take him back to his Broadway days when he travelled the US with Footloose: The Musical.

Talking of loose, the star admits to having a “really gross pre-stage ritual”. He adds: “It’s releasing something. There’s no nice way to put it.” Now that’s the kind of crudeness you’d expect from your pupils, sir.

* Matthew Morrison’s self-titled album is out on May 9 and is available to order now. Tickets for his UK tour are available from tomorrow. Visit for more information.


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