Rest of Season Air Dates

Monday, March 14, 2011

There’s been a lot of talk going around about this today, so I thought I’d try to straighten out the dates for everyone. Remember that this is all subject to change and that nothing is set in stone.

March 15th: Original Song (2x16) airs
March 22nd: no new episode
March 29th: no new episode
April 5th: no new episode
April 12th: no new episode
April 19th: 2x17 airs
April 26th: 2x18 airs
May 3rd: 2x19 airs
May 10th: 2x20 airs
May 17th: 2x21 airs
May 24th: 2x22 (Season 2 finale) airs

Note: some sources claim that 2x17 will air on April 12th, and the finale will air on May 17th. Others claim that 2x17 airs on April 12th, but that the finale is actually a two-part episode (with one hour each on May 17th and 24th). Still others say that Glee is set to have 24 episodes this season (instead of the usual 22), meaning it would return April 5th and run consecutively until the 24th. Basically - nobody knows. However, I think the dates listed above are the safest bet at the moment.

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