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Saturday, March 19, 2011

This morning I watched this week’s Glee and the moment that Kurt and Blaine finally kissed I felt emotional all of a sudden! But I worry… how will Blaine + Kurt fit in with nationals? Since Warblers are well… canary dead. And how will their relationship evolve? — Ingmar
Hope this Glee scoop I posted earlier helps answer some of those inquiries about the couple and Blaine’s new direction with New Directions in season 3. Bonus scoop for Finchel fans (and to borrow your term): things may not be “canary dead” for the pair. On the red carpet at PaleyFest, Cory Monteith told a group of reporters, “I think Finn is being used by Quinn for her prom queen aspirations. I think he’s going to wise up to that at some point. Maybe that’s going to send him in the other direction…”

What ever happened to the Glee show that Ryan Murphy was supposedly developing for Kristen Chenoweth? I haven’t seen it mentioned in any of the pilot reports? Thanks! – Amanda
Well, considering K. Cheno just joined a pilot from Sex and the City EP Darren Star (titled Good Christian Bitches), I’d say it’s safe to say it’s on hold. Meanwhile, as mentioned in my earlier Glee post, she is teaming up with Murphy and Co. for one more episode of Glee this season. And this time around, she’ll be singing a Glee original titled “It’s 10 a.m and I’m drunk” when her character returns to Lima to put on a one-woman showed called “Crossroads” (or maybe it’s “CrossRhodes”?), after her all-white version of The Wiz turns out to be a stinker.

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