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Monday, March 14, 2011

First link = Questions 2nd link = Answer
@NicoleCrowther good evening. Is there any chance at Santana being involved in Born this way? Or the Latina inspired ep? And more brittana?
@kmoney223 There will be more brittana, the writers are not completely daft to let that go ;)

@nicolecrowther I was wondering, I know you get A LOT of questions, but does it get better for Finchel fans? Finn/Quinn really upset me. Thx
@CarmaKarma It will, there will be moments for you guys but dont lose hope completely.

@NicoleCrowther uhh any word on Meet Me Halfway and and scoop on Vocal Adrenaline?
@SurfenusaXd I cant say much about VA but gosh Charice is quite the powerhouse and competition for our beloved Rachel

@NicoleCrowther Anything to share on Quinn?
@mopoodlelady Quinn is going to have an epiphany of sorts thats about all i can say

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