2x20 Spoilers! [Prom]

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Santana and Mercedes sing “Dancing Queen” by ABBA

Q: Don’t suppose you have any more info on what Blaine was singing with the word boyfriend do you? Can you at least tell us if it’s a positive relationship song, a fun one, or an angsty one?
A: I don’t know! Sorry! I may find out later. If I do, I’ll let you know.
I can tell you it looks like the Warblers don’t perform at prom— just Blaine.

Q: Anything at all you can find out about Klaine, we would be more than grateful as we are just about dying here! Thank you so much!
A: I haven’t decided yet how much I can spill, but: Kurt and Blaine fans will be very, VERY happy. Everything is great for them.

Q: I know you haven’t decided how much to share, but any news on the brittana front?
A: Unfortunately no word on them! Brittany is still with Artie at prom.

Q: Is there any indication that Sam is gay? Or that he’s hanging out with Kurt at all?
A: Yeah, there’s nothing between Sam and Kurt and Sam is definitely not gay as of prom.

Q: Can you back up/lay to rest the claims that Kurt wears a kilt to prom? :)
A: Kurt is 100% for sure wearing a kilt to prom. (And apparently looks fantastic in it.)

Q: Does Sam have a real date to prom? There were rumors of like Mercedes but also him just going with Rachel as friends or something?
A: Pretty certain he goes with Rachel and Mercedes as friends.

Q: Is there going to be ANY Brittana going on during prom?
A: There may be a moment where Brittany is shown rooting for Santana to win prom queen. But I’m not 100% certain of that.

Q: Do Blaine and Kurt have a slowdance at all?
A: They dance. It’s very adorable and sweet. Not a traditional slow dance, though there might be that too, I don’t know.

Q: Does Karofsky have any interaction with Kurt or Klaine?

Q: Anything Tina related? I know you mentioned Artie being with Brittany still, but do she and Artie interact at all? Thanks!
A: Nothing to say about Tina, except she’s seen dancing with Mike.

.Q: Do you know who wins prom queen?
A: Yes, but not sure yet if that is something I’m going to share.

Q: You can share anything you like about Klaine. ANYTHING.
A: They hug at the end of their dance together.

Q: Can you tell us everything you know about Klaine? like seriously, anything and everything. i think we’ll go crazy. (but that’s okay, it’s the good kind of crazy)
A: I want to tell you everything, but I can’t without saying a lot about a lot of other things… there may be drama, but it’s not drama between them. And we will get to see how much they like and care for each other.

Q: Anything about Jesse?
A: Jesse and Finn will fight over Rachel. Literally.

Q: There is some kind of drama at the prom? A break up, a scandal or anything like that? If there is, involving who?
A: There will be multiple dramas— which is all I can say right now!

Q: Do Kurt and Blaine kiss at all during the prom?
A: Not that I know of.

Q: Will there be ANY Quinn/Puck in any of the upcoming episodes??
A: I haven’t heard anything, but there’s a lot I do not know, so who knows.

Q: is Kurt going to serenade Blaine at some point?
A: Kurt isn’t singing at prom, as far as I know.

Q: Any dish on finn?
A: Let’s just say Finn might not be around the whole night.

Q: Is Kurt going to be showing his legs or is he going to be wearing tights/pants under the kilt?
A: Kurt is wearing knee-high boots, a green kilt, and a fitted black jacket with a lot of buttons on it. Don’t think there were leggings, but with the boots, not much leg to see.

Q:Does ND perform at prom as a group?
A: No, but they do have a nice group moment.

Q: Is there any drama between Brittany/Artie at prom? I’m so over their relationship.
A: I’m not a fan of them but from what I know there is no drama between them at prom. Could be other stuff going on in the episode I don’t know about, though.

Q: What are each of the girls’ dresses like?
A: Brittany wore a lime green short dress. Artie had a red velour suit. Lauren had a midnight blue thing on. Mercedes is in purple. I think there are pictures of the rest floating around, idk.

Q: What does Blaine think of Kurt’s prom outfit?
A: Some people may take issue with Kurt’s outfit, but I don’t think Blaine is one of them.

Q: What are the other songs to be performed on the prom episode aside from dancing queen and friday?
A: Blaine has a song, but I don’t know the name of it.

Q: Is Blaine’s song directed at Kurt?
A: Well it has the word “boyfriend” in it, and Kurt is his boyfriend, so I’m going to take a wild leap here and say yes.

Q: What are New Directions and other people’s reactions to Klaine hugging etc? Also are there any tears?
A: The rest of ND is happy to see Kurt and Blaine dancing.

Q: Do Rachel & Sam dance together at prom?
A: Yes.

Q: Are Will and Holly at Prom?
A: I think Will is, but Holly is not in this episode.

Q: Do Kurt and Finn have any scenes together, and if so, what do they involve?
A: There should be interaction in the episode, but it doesn’t take place at prom, from what I know.

Q: Do you happen to know if ND are mad at Santana for going to prom with Dave? I mean, he wasn’t exactly nice to Kurt.
A: I don’t know how they feel about Santana going with Karofsky. I do not think though that the ND kids have very positive feelings toward Karofsky.

Q: Do you know what Santana will be wearing to prom?
A: A GORGEOUS 1940s style tight red dress.

Q: Rachel scoopage?
A: Rachel will have her hands full. Oh and there’s a short exchange with Sue.

Q: Any good Finchel news?:)
A: Finn definitely still has strong feelings for Rachel.

Q: Does Rachel stay at Prom for the whole night?
A: As far as I can tell, yes.

Q: Does Kurt dance with anyone else at prom? I’m hoping he shares some love with his fellow single ladies - Rachel and Mercedes~!
A: Blaine is the only person he specifically dances with, as far as I know. But there’s sort of some group dancing too.

Q: Does Jesse go to prom?
A: Yes. For some of it, anyway…

Q: Did anything happen that will leave us will our jaws hanging?
A: Expect drama, laughs, tears (both good and bad)… definitely some surprises.

Q: Any Mike news ?
A: Mike Chang remains flawless, as always. (Lol okay the only thing I know is he’s there with Tina. I don’t think there’s much focus on him.)

Q: Do Finn and Rachel get to dance together?
A: Not that I know of, but I’m not 100%.

Q: Can you at least just confirm that Klaine is not [prom king/queen] so we can accept it and move on? :(
A: Well, Blaine can’t win anything, HE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE.

Q: Are we going to see Burt and Carol at the Prom episode?
A: Burt will definitely be in the episode.

Q: Are the prom king & queen someone we would expect?
A: Somewhat expected and also very unexpected. I’ll let you take that as you will.

Q: When Finn and Jesse fight? Is this at Prom? On Prom night?
A: Finn and Jesse throw down at prom. Sue is not amused.

Q: Who is Santana going to prom with?
A: Karofsky

Q: Do Rachel & Quinn have any scenes together?
A: I haven’t heard of any, but I don’t know.

Q: Any info on Rachel’s dress?
A: It is pink and tea length.

Q: Do Finchel kiss at prom?
A: Not that I know of.

Q: Does Quinn stay at Prom for the whole night?
A: Yes.

Q: Any prom stuff on Puck?
A: Puck is with Lauren, they seem pretty happy.

Q: Finn/Quinn end in this episode?
A: Don’t know if it’s the end of them. But Finn definitely still has eyes for Rachel.

Q: Do Blaine and Kurt say I love you? Or anything quite meaningful?
A: I don’t know. But I think we will see Blaine supporting Kurt.

Q: What’s going on with Santana at prom?
A: She sings with Mercedes and looks smoking hot as per usual.

Q: Will any fans be angry about the winners of prom king and queen? like does it contradict a major ship?
A: Ehhhh, some people will be unhappy, but not for ship-related reasons.

Q: Who is chaperoning prom?
A: Sue definitely is, and Will and Emma I think, but not 100% on the last two. Figgins is also around.

Q: So are Kurt and Blaine a legit couple in the prom episode?
A: Too legit to quit.

Q: Can you give us any additional info on Karofsky? Anything at all? If not it’s totally cool.
A: Karofsky will have some interaction with Kurt. Other than that… ummm, well we can say that while there may— *may* be baby steps in the next few episodes, the power of Gaga has not magically made him ready to participate in gay pride parades as of yet.

Q: How do Rachel and Quinn react to the Jesse/Finn Fight?
A: I don’t know how either of them reacts to the fight. Neither leaves prom to go chasing after the boys, though, as far as I know.

Q: Since you refuse to answer anything about Quinn, is she HAPPY at prom? That’s all I want to know.
A: I’m not saying much about Quinn because honestly I don’t know! But yes, I think she ends the prom on a happy note.

Q: Do Rachel and Jesse dance together at all?
A: Possibly? Not sure.

Q: Any info on Sam?
A: Sam sings on Friday, chills with Mercedes and Rachel, and dances with Rachel (pretty sure that’s non-romantic).

Q: Do you know if Kurt or Blaine pick each other up before prom?
A: Not sure if he’s picking Kurt up… but we will see Blaine at the Hudmel residence.

Q: Any Sam/Quinn interaction at the prom (or in any of the upcoming episodes)? Please, pretty please? :)
A: Not that I know of at prom, but Finn gets suspicious that Quinn is cheating on him with Sam in a future episode, so there may be some Quinn/Sam interaction there, but that’s just spec on my part.

Q: Any chance for a Brittana slow dance?
A: Doesn’t look like it, but I’m not 100%.

Q: Any Jesse and Rachel inte raction?
A: Well Jesse is part of Rachel’s “singles” group, and something happens to make Finn pretty jealous, so I think it’s pretty likely.

Q: Can u tell me about any specific moments between Kurt and Blaine at prom? any dialogue? slow dancing? kissing?
A: They’re together the whole night. They dance together and hug at the end. There will also be a scene between just the two of them sometime during prom.

Q: Does Finn leave prom upset?
A: Finn doesn’t exactly leave of his own volition.

Q: Is there anything about Mercedes? Rumors are that she’ll cry before the prom? Any idea why? And will Sam/Mercedes dance?
A: Mercedes is upset before prom because she feels lonely and wants one night of feeling like Cinderella. I don’t think she dances with Sam, but not 100% on that.

Q: Is the Finn/Jesse fight over Rachel? Or is it about him coming back to New Directions?
A: I believe it’s Rachel-motivated, but I am not 100% certain if that’s all there is to it.

Q: Does anything happen between Kurt and Sam?
A: No.

Q: Please can you tell me if Blaine and Kurt kiss during the Prom episode, not especially during the prom ?
A: Doesn’t sound like they do DURING prom. They may before or after, I don’t know.

Q: How many songs are sung by the cast at Prom?
A: 3 that I know of. There may be more but I don’t think so.

Q: Any Puckleberry news?
A: None that I know of, sorry!

Q: Will Klaine make me cry?
A: Klainebows everywhere tbh

Q: I know you said no kissing, but are we going to see Kurt put his head on Blaine’s shoulder or vice versa at some point? It would be so cute. Also, when they’re dancing…are they dancing fall apart and are they dancing close to each other?
A: Blaine spins Kurt, it’s adorable

Q: Does Rachel sing at prom?
A: Don’t think so. At least not at prom itself.

Q: Will Karofsky interact with Blaine at all?
A: At prom, with Blaine specifically? I don’t think so.

Q: Does Blaine stay with just Kurt at the Prom?
A: Yes.

Q: Are Santana and Dave running for prom Queen/King?
A: Yes

Q: Will Dave be friends with Klaine…or will he create tension between Kurt and Blaine?
A: I would not classify them as friends.

Q: What else can you say about Klaine?
A: Uhhh they stand next to each other during the king/queen announcements? Oh, and Blaine is the one to ask Kurt to dance. I think that’s all I haven’t said that I’m allowed to give away.

Q: Does Santana look happy at prom?
A: Some will have their sadder moments but I think pretty much everyone will have some happiness too, Santana included.

Q: Does Brittany dance with Artie and/or Santana with Karofsky at prom?
A: Brittany and Artie dance. IDK if Santana and Karofsky dance at all.

Q: There’s a rumour that Blaine has transferred to McKinley before prom. Is it true? I hope so!!
A: Don’t think that’s happening.

Q: Do Finn and Quinn have any sweet moments? Do they break up?
A: They go to prom together. I think they have a scene eating dinner at a restaurant pre-prom as well. That’s all I really know.

I took everything from wishyouwould.tumblr. He/Her answered a lot of questions, I just putted all together. :)

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