Ausiello Spoilers!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Question: There’s buzz that the upcoming Glee death is Emma! Can you please deny or confirm this, because I will cry if it’s true! —Nicole
Ausiello: Save your tears, Nic. Emma’s not croaking, although your question nearly scared the OCD-afflicted character’s alter ego to death. “I’d just like to know why anyone would think it’s Emma,” inquires a befuddled Jayma Mays. “Does she get into an antibacterial fit and over-antibacterialize herself?! [Laughs] You know, that can kill if you don’t have enough germs in your body — maybe that’s what they’re thinking?” Or maybe, just possibly, they weren’t thinking at all. Just putting that out there.

Question: What can you tell us about the upcoming Glee death? —Katie
Ausiello: The dearly departed is female. And not named Emma.

Question: Was last week’s Glee John Stamos’ final episode as Carl? —Emily
Ausiello: Sure seems that way. At the very least it’s the end of the road for Emma and Carl. “The way they left it last week, it does seem that it’s over,” says Mays. “I’m sure so much of it has to do with John Stamos’ schedule as well, but I would love to have more stuff with him in whatever capacity that would be.”

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