Charting Quinn Fabray’s Violent Mood Swings

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Episode 1: Audition
Quinn executes a neat little social backflip by getting herself not only back on the Cheerios, but back as Cheerios captain when she tells Sue about Santana's summer boob job. From here, it looks like the old Quinn — the back-stabbing ice queen — is back.

Episode 2: Britney/Brittany
So far, so consistently cold for Quinn, except for her remarkable servility to Rachel. Quinn asks Finn to get back together, only for it to be revealed that she did so because Rachel asked her to, to test Finn's commitment. Not nice.

Episode 3: Grilled Cheezus
This episode was a nice reminder that Quinn is exceedingly religious, something that's always added depth to her character, and which she wields as both a shield and a sword, depending on what's convenient. Here, however, she's all Christian charity as she backs up Mercedes on a performance of Whitney Houston's "I Look to You" and joins the chorus behind Rachel's rendition of "Papa, Can You Hear Me" from Yentl.

Episode 4: Duets
Uh-oh — the ice queen starts to melt a bit. After first refusing Sam's dorky overtures for the totally understandable, completely sympathetic reason that, well, she had a baby last year and she just wants to get through this one, we get to see her slowly relent to his blond-haired, wide-mouthed charm, culminating in a touching dinner for two at Breadsticks.

Episode 5: The Rocky Horror Glee Show
No change. Time Warp to the next episode.

Episode 6: Never Been Kissed
Okay, we understand how finding out that your boyfriend had been fantasizing about Coach Beiste in order to delay … gratification would be a little upsetting, but why you got to tell Sue Sylvester about it? That's cold.

Episode 7: The Substitute
All plot bows to Gwyneth. No change.

Episode 8: Furt
Little as we would have believed it after the first episode, Quinn is getting downright cute. Accepting your boyfriend's promise ring? At the wedding of your first love's mother and your friend's father who almost died? Capped off with them cuddling during "Just the Way You Are"? Awwww.

Episode 9: Special Education
Quinn gets even more vulnerable backstage at sectionals, recalling the unfortunate coincidence of the glee club's previous public performance and the birth of her child during last year's regionals competition. And who is there to calm her and tell her she looks pretty? Sam, the best boyfriend ever.

Episode 10: A Very Glee Christmas
This was not a Quinn-centric episode, but note that Quinn not only goes classroom-to-classroom caroling with glee club, she does so wearing a geeky Christmas sweater, and even looks happy about it. For someone who cares about her high-school social status, this might be about as selfless as it gets.

Episode 11: The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
Coach Sue goes off the deep end and forces Quinn to decide whether to go to nationals with the Cheerios or perform at the big game with glee — i.e., whether to go back to old, ice queen Quinn for good, or embrace her wholesome, world-loving side. Lo! After an eleventh-hour pep talk from Finn, she chooses the side of good! Welcome to the light for good, Quinn! … and then she kisses Finn. Oh boy.

Episode 12: Silly Love Songs
We can see right through Quinn's demurrals, all the way to the teeny hard nugget of love for Finn that's been hiding there this whole season. Shame on you, Quinn, for going back to Finn. But we guess it was bound to happen.

Episode 13: Comeback
Lying to Sam and playing him for a sap? Not cool.

Episode 14: Blame It On the Alcohol
We know that Quinn done wrong, but we can't help feeling a little bad for her as she dolefully watches Sam make out with Santana at Rachel's party.

Episode 15: Sexy
Okay, Quinn. How many more people are you going to leave in your trail of pain with this whole Finn thing? First you lie to Sam, now you're lying to Rachel about it, too, and using the celibacy club as your cover, which we're pretty sure also means that poor, sweet, terrified Miss Pillsbury is somehow involved as well.

Episode 16: Original Song
Where to begin? First we find out that Quinn tries to talk Finn into taking their relationship public so that she can have a better shot at prom queen, even though Finn would rather protect Rachel by keeping it a secret. Then Quinn coldly tells Rachel anyway, knowing how much it will hurt her and going behind Finn's back. Thankfully, Rachel gets a regionals-winning song out of it, but Quinn has definitely reached a new low. At least there are six more episodes this season: should be enough time for her to get an entirely new personality, again.

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