Clarification on Prom Spoilers

Monday, April 04, 2011

Puck and Jacob/hallway. Jacob is interviewing Puck about prom king/queen. Jacob is being his usual ridiculous self and mentions Santana/Dave. Puck responds saying he and Lauren are ahead of them. Jacob asks about Lauren and where Puck’s balls are since Lauren has him on a short leash something like that. I can’t remember the exact lines but Puck gets mad and is all like I’m going to kick your ass and Jacob goes I’m not scared I’ve been hit by a girl before haha. The interview ends with Jacob saying he’s going to interview Quinn the front runner next.
It is assumed Santana is going with Dave because they were mentioned together in the interview and Puck said they were ahead of them in votes.
Rachel is walking and Finn comes up and says he heard Jesse is back. Can’t remember the exact lines but Rachel says something like yeah he is he’s here to pick up the slack and is the best male singer. Finn gets all angry that he’s back and Rachel tells him that regardless of who it is that she may date or has dated Finn needs to be respectful. Um Rachel talks about prom on a budget! Haha I know that’s exactly what was said because Lea changed the lines because the original sounded weird and she just had to change it. Prom on a budget with Sam, Mercedes, and Jesse.
At this point I ask but why does she mention Sam, Mercedes, and Jesse? Does she say they’re all going together to budget? Yeah that’s what I got from it. I can’t hear like everything they aren’t yelling so we can hear ha it’s like a normal voice so I have to really listen to catch everything haha.
Finn starts rambling about how he doesn’t even want to go to prom anymore because Quinn is working so hard to be prom king and queen that she has him handing out pins and where’s the dignity in that! He’s like I know I’m going to get the wrong corsage and she’s going to get pissed off and he gets all frustrated and Rachel’s like calm down look just get her something simple because you don’t want to distract from her face and get a light green ribbon to match her eyes. 
No idea what the songs were. Cheno and Matt do Dreams in the choir room for the Fleetwood episode which should 19. Kevin and Heather were sitting next to each other so we can all assume they are still together.
Finn/Quinn do their duet in the Fleetwood episode too. Don’t know the song.
Rachel/Mercedes scene-Mercedes is all sad she doesn’t have a date to prom and cries and just wants to be cinderella for a night! Rachel says well we can go together I have a plan! and runs off to ya know conquer the world or whatever. That’s the scene that Eric Stoltz had the couple make out.
Oh and Matt/Cheno had another song together in the teacher’s lounge with a kids orchestra? We weren’t needed for that but we heard them.
Rachel asks why April is even there.

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