Glee Prom Spoilers!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Elsewhere, while it is great news that Darren Criss has been cast in the lead of his own pilot for next season, Glee fans were not amused by how he was being written out of that show. Turns out that Glee creator Ryan Murphy is a huge fan of the horror movie Carrie and that the big Glee prom finale episode is going to be a tribute to that.
And that's where the Glee Kurt/Blaine controversy begins. According to sides obtained by AfterElton, just after Kurt and Blaine are crowned Prom King and King, Rachel (Lea Michele), who will be playing Carrie, will perform the Barbra Streisand classic "Don't Rain on My Parade." Just as she hits the emotional climax of the song, she'll use she use her telekinetic powers to destroy McKinley High.
As Kurt and Blaine flee, Blaine will be crushed under a two ton slushee machine brought in just for the prom. As Blaine lays dying in Kurt's arms, he gets in one last solo, performing "My Heart Will Go On" even though it won't be for very long. An enraged Kurt will then drown Dave Karofsky in a pool of cherry slushee.
While that's satisfying and all, that's yet two more dead gay characters on television and many Gleeks are furious.

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