Marc Malkin Tweets About "Born This Way"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

  • karofsky has a nice twist to his storyline #glee
  • dates not exactly the right word.... @xXGleekNZXx @marcmalkin @yettafine he dates Santana! Why is that? Is he bi??
  • Kathleen Quinlan plays Emma's therapist. #glee
  • #glee Wemma have some great moments together. Jayma Mays' acting is awesome.
  • Klaine still together...! just cause they go to different schools doesn't mean they can't be together. #glee
  • rachel and finn have a "beautiful" moment together. well, not together. everybody else is there but it's "beautiful." that's all i'll say
  • No klaine kisses but teary-eyed blaine.
  • #glee Kurt sings never say goodbye when he returns to McKinley. #lovely #sunsetboulevard
  • No big Blaine news. However, Blaine/Darren looks and sounds great.
  • Emma is getting the help she needs.
  • Rachel has a "barbravention" with duck sauce's "barbra streisand" #glee #gay #loveit.
  • Just saw next week's glee...spoiler alert: best performance? Kurt singing "Never Say Goodbye" from Sunset Boulevard! #glee
  • It is not bad for klaine at all!!! I promise. #glee

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