More Prom & "Rumours" Spoilers

Saturday, April 02, 2011

They filmed a scene with Mercedes and Rachel. Mercedes is crying over not having a date to the prom. Rachel doesn’t have one either so she suggests they go together. There is a random couple that is making out so it kind of rubs in the fact that they don’t have dates.

Also, about the earlier spoilers I’m not sure why Jesse is there, he’s apparently helping glee club but I don’t know HOW. I think when I mentioned Sam/Rachel/Mercedes going together is because they don’t have dates, but I’m not sure on that. Not everything could be heard in the scene, but kind of makes sense considering they just filmed that Rachel/Mercedes scene after.

Finn feels like he has no dignity because Quinn has him handing out pins to vote them for prom king and queen. 

"Hmmm someone got a nose job. I'm confused on how they'll make that work" (Rachel)

Fuinn get a duet in the rumors episode. Fleetwood Mac song. Don’t know which one, but it was filmed tonight. Happens in the choir room I think.

This is the part where I start praying that the Fuinn duet is not "The Chain". I'm also assuming that the Rachel nose job thing will be a dream sequence.

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