Nicole Crowther Fires Back Against Brad Falchuck

Saturday, April 23, 2011

One day after being labeled a spoiler for giving away who will be crowned king and queen in an upcoming episode of 'Glee,' Nicole Crowther, a one time extra for the hit Fox TV show says the ending she gave away on Twitter was based solely on information she overheard at a dinner party and that she hasn't worked on the show since the fall of last year.

"I didn't even know if the girl I heard it from was joking or telling the truth," says Crowther, 21. "I was not an extra for that scene and haven't been an extra on the show since October 2010." Crowther says Saturday night (April 16) she and a friend attended a dinner party. There she met a girl who claimed she was an extra on 'Glee' who had just finished shooting the prom episode. That extra shared the information on who won prom king and queen.

Apparently assuming that Crowther was involved in the scene, 'Glee' writer, producer and creator Brad Falchuk may have unknowingly validated Crowther's Tweet via his own Twitter page.

Falchuk first addressed Crowther with a threatening tone: "@nicolecrowther Hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment." Then he responded with a rhetorical question: "@nicolecrowther Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?" Nicole Crowther: Entertainment career in jeopardy Crowther has been an extra on "Shake It Up", "Kickin' It", "A.N.T Farm," "Big Time Rush", "Victorious," "Supah Ninjas," "Friends with Benefits," Fox's "Traffic Light" and TNT's "Men of a Certain Age." She says she has now been blackballed by Hollywood. She says people in the industry have been told to drop her as friends on Facebook or face retribution.

She fears an acting career that she has always dreamed of and has worked diligently to achieve will never become reality.

"Mr. Falchuk publicly humiliated me and has made it clear that he never wants me to work again in Hollywood," says Crowther. "I reported what I had overheard, no different than a gossip reporter would. I didn't even know if what I Tweeted was true. I didn't violate any code of ethics or violate a contract. I shared information discussed at a party." She says she's not sure where the reports that she was 'fired' are coming from, since she was not even working on the show.

In retrospect, Crowther says she wishes she never sent the Tweet.

"Do I regret sending the Tweet, I do," says Crowther. "I have been on the set of many shows and have never, and would never, give away any information. I didn't this time. I had no way of knowing so many things would get twisted from a single Tweet. And I am truly sorry for any trouble I have caused. But that was never what I intended. I wanted to be just another speculator weighing in." Crowther now she says she is exploring legal options, because her budding career has been ruined because of false information.

She would much prefer that Falchuk help set the record straight: that she did not betray an on-set code; that she was simply broadcasting what she had overheard.

"Quite frankly I wish I could just turn back the clock but I can't. I want this nightmare to be over."

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  1. Thanks for the update! I feel so bad for Nicole! I wish she would have tweeted from an anonymous name instead of her own! And included a little more about the gossip element in the tweet too so that it didn't get so out of hand. I think Brad was way too harsh, though I understand why he would be upset. (Funny that he may have confirmed what could have been played off as a rumor.) I hope that everything works out soon!

  2. Stupid girl. There's no point 'exploring legal options' because you can't force people to hire someone who can't be trusted. If she'd just sit down and shut up people might forget about it, but the more noise she makes, the more she'll be remembered, and the more damage she'll do to what she refers to as her 'career'.

    I don't have any sympathy. She's worked on the show, she had a reasonable expectation of working on it again, and she didn't bother to respect the hard work of people who work there every day. She didn't say 'I heard that' or 'Rumour says that', she posted it as fact. She's unprofessional and untrustworthy, and now she's upset that being that way has consequences? Tough.