Prom Spoilers!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

- Finn and Jesse fight over Rachel at prom. Sue is not amused. They both get kicked out.
- Neither Finn nor Jesse stay for the whole prom, but Quinn and Rachel don't go chasing after them. The prom ends happily for Quinn, apparently.
- The prom queen/king are "Somewhat expected and also very unexpected. I’ll let you take that as you will." - I'm betting it's Santana and Kurt.
- Burt is in the episode
- Blaine is not the prom king because he doesn't go there.
- Bartie and Tike are still together as of this ep, or at least they go to prom as those couples. Mike Chang apparently "remains flawless as always."
- There is some group dancing.
- Santana's dress is red.
- ND is thrilled to see Klaine dancing together.
- Brittany's dress is short and lime green. Artie's suit is red velour (OMG, nooooo), Lauren's dress is midnight blue, Mercedes's dress is purple.
- No Klaine kiss at the prom.
- Blaine performs at the prom, the no1currblers seem to be absent
- Rachel's dress is pink and tea length
- Three of the episode's songs will be done at prom. Not sure if there are any more than that. The songs are - - Blaine's song (title unknown), Dancing Queen and Friday.
- Blaine spins Kurt.
- Kurt IS wearing a kilt.
- Rachel and Tina MIGHT also be running for prom queen.

Sorry there's so many Blaine spoilers, the source is a Klainiac.
Spoilers, from (she was the one who broke the news on Pavarotti and "Blackbird," so she's legit.) I will update this post as I learn new spoilers from her.

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