Romy Rosemont Discusses Being TV's Favorite Mom

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

If the saying “mother knows best” is true then no one on “Glee” is wiser than Carole Hudson-Hummel

Carole, played by Romy Rosemont, is the mother of Glee club member and football player Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) and new step-mother to Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) after marrying his father, Burt (Mike O’Malley), in the recent “Furt” episode.

Rosemont, who says working on “Glee” is a “real treat”, confesses that she’s not offended when fans approach her like she’s her on-screen character. “Who wouldn’t have wanted to given birth to that? Cory is delicious to look at. If I could take credit I would,” she admits.

Although Carole has become one of the best-loved characters on Glee, it was originally a very small role.

“There was no character there. I was allowed to infuse a lot of personality,” Rosemont said. "Burt and Carole represent the every person,” Rosemont said of why fans admire Burt and Carole’s relationship. “They show teenagers that older people can be in love and smitten. There’s great chemistry between Mike and myself. It’s easy to be in love on screen,” she added. “We all felt like we were at a wedding,” Rosemont said of the wedding episode, “Furt”, which was her favorite episode to film.

“I eloped (with husband Stephen Root). I wore a very simple t-shirt dress. I felt like a bride and I looked like a bride.”

What many fans don’t know is that Rosemont originally auditioned for the role of Sue Sylvester.

“I auditioned knowing I wasn’t going to get it,” she said. “Sue Sylvester is so juicy. Jane (Lynch) is so gifted.”
But there are no hard feelings on Rosemont’s behalf. I envy that Jane gets to play more on the show than me,” Rosemont confessed. “But I think she’s great as Sue.”

Even though we haven’t seen Carole since “Furt”, and she didn’t witness with the evolution of Kurt’s romance with Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss), Rosemont says, “Carole would be really happy Kurt is happy. She’s very impressed with the fact that Kurt owns who he is. Any mother would want someone who is consistent for their child,” she said. “Kurt and Blaine could be very positive characters on television. Max is an amazing actor,” Rosemont adds, referring to Max Adler who portrays WMHS closeted bully Dave Karofsky who will be confronted with issues of his sexuality in the upcoming “Born This Way” episode.

Despite Karofsky’s relationship with Kurt being one of the most serious and heartbreaking plots on the show, there are many fans who cheer for Karofsky’s redemption and even a possible romance between the two characters.

Rosemont said if Kurt developed a relationship with Karofsky that Carole “would be very apprehensive but if Kurt brought him home you gotta trust that. Not to say I’d welcome him with open arms but I would trust Kurt’s judgment,” she added, saying that Carole would help Burt through the situation as well. “It’s more interesting if you have two sides to the story.”

Although the recent “Sexy” episode of Glee included a sex talk between Kurt and Burt, Rosemont says fans shouldn’t expect Finn and Carole to discuss the subject any time soon.

She’s strong enough for the sex talk but I think she’s hoping someone else will tell him but she’s always there if and when he falls,” she said.

It’s more interesting to see the quarterback with the girl who everyone thinks is odd more than it is to see him with the cheerleader,” she adds, referring to the love triangle between Finn, his current girlfriend Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron), and his ex-girlfriend Rachel Berry (Lea Michele).

I think Finn was more authentic when he was with Rachel. Carole didn’t get to know Rachel so it’s difficult to say but she always goes for the underdog.”

Rosemont’s favorite part of working on “Glee” is “going to work in the morning. I don’t get to do it enough, it’s just so fun. Everyone is on top of their game. The challenge is that there are a lot of people on Glee,” she added. “There are so many stories to tell. He’s great because he knows exactly what he wants,” Rosemont said of show creator Ryan Murphy. “His attention to detail is really impressive. Ryan picked out Carole’s engagement ring.”

Although she’s part of the cast, Rosemont confesses that she’s also a fan of the show. "My iPod is filled with Glee songs,” Rosemont said. “I have ‘Marry You’, ‘Just the Way You Are’, and ‘Forget You’ on loop. The show is about those kids but they’ve made you fall in love with the other characters.”

Glee, which is on hiatus until April 19, is scheduled to air a highly-anticipated prom-themed episode this spring. “I would love to go to prom,” Rosemont joked. “Just to have me in a prom dress would be worth the price of admission.”

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  1. Why would anyone want Kurt and Karofsky to get together? He threatened to kill Kurt. It's like telling someone that being with a rapist is okay. That would be a screwed up thing to do. Kurt is already in a relationship with Blaine and I think it's important to a loving gay relationship.