Spoiler Chat with Kristin

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Aileen in New York City: Glee scoop!
It's disco time! Or, so we hope. The bosses over at Glee are looking to cast a pretty blond girl and a handsome African-American boy to play high school students…back in the '70s!

dancelivesing: Would love some news on Finn and Rachel! They are still clearly in love, so any good moments ahead?
Prom preparations + the race for prom court = fun Finchel moments. And some hilarious Finn material.

Toni_N: Is Karofsky going to come out on Glee this month?
It would seem that the "Born This Way" episode is setting up for that, wouldn't it? Kevin McHale couldn't tell us much, but he did promise that the Lady Gaga song "ties in with the storyline nicely." I'd say it's safe to assume that Karofsky will finally realize he has the "same DNA" as those he's been bullying.

terriwoodschels: Will Blaine be following Kurt to New York for Nationals on Glee, and can he transfer already, please?
Don't you wish we could hurry those transfer papers along? But as far as I know, Blaine (Darren Criss) won't be at McKinley High before season three. As for Nationals, chances are high Kurt will want Blaine there for the competition.

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