Spoilers, Spoilers and More Spoilers For Tonights Episode 'Born This Way'

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GLEE embraces its Lady Gaga-lovin’ ways in tonight’s brand new episode, “Born This Way,” but make no mistake — this is no homage. Instead, Mr. Schue uses Gaga’s latest hit to inspire the glee club to embrace the unique things about themselves that they might not be so fond of.

To celebrate the supersized episode — it’s 90 minutes long! — I’m answering some of your questions about what we can expect…

Any indication that Finchel are heading in the right direction? Maybe a good scene that gives fans hope? – @ipreferfiction via Twitter
While Finn is definitely still involved with Quinn, it’s clear there’s still something between him and Rachel. Finchel share a pretty (positive) emotional moment in “Born This Way”…but they aren’t alone.

Could you tease anything about what happens with Will and Emma? – @Saranoh2009 via Twitter
Will and Emma are without significant others for the first time this season, but they’re still cleaning those grapes together. However, it leads to a much more serious discussion about Emma’s issues and Will pushes her to take a step she might not be ready to take.

Any positive progress for the Brittany/Santana relationship? – @dayecarter via Twitter
Santana is still hurt from Brittany’s rejection, something both girls are very conscious of. Brittany reaches out to Santana with a very special gift, but will Santana allow herself to accept it?

Should I have a Kleenex ready for ["Born This Way"]? – @bookwormclassic via Twitter
I teared up multiple times during the episode, including The Warblers serenading Kurt. A few of the musical numbers might get to you, especially the Rachel-Quinn duet.

Been hearing that the mall dance scene has some Puckleberry goodness?!! Anything you can spoil please?? – @stacey19x via Twitter
Nearly every couple gets a moment or two of goodness, and Puckleberry is no exception. Rachel has a big decision to make in “Born This Way” and Puck feels strongly about what she should do. He pulls out all the stops — and brings in a few friends — to get his point across.

What is going on with Finn? Is he getting back with Rachel? Is he instrumental in bringing Kurt back to McKinley? – @jen6070 via Twitter
Finn has a lot going on in this episode, but he isn’t why Kurt returns to McKinley. Finn’s biggest storyline for this episode actually involves his dancing. Yes, you read that right. He even does a dance number with Mike Chang!

My question is where does this episode of #Glee lie in this up and down season? Up or down or somewhere in the middle? IYO – @canakatydid via Twitter
I adored the episode. GLEE has had its ups and downs this season, but “Born This Way” was really enjoyable. Plus, it moved several storylines forward and there are some really good musical numbers. I’d say it was one of my favorite episodes they’ve done in season two so far.
Are you looking forward to “Born This Way”?

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