Twitter Spoilers!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

The prom portion of glee got moved to next week. They're takin their time to make it perfect :) it's going to be amazing & surprising 4 sure

@NicoleCrowther Does it look like Samchel will at least have a friendship forming?
@xoxJessie19xox yeah

@NicoleCrowther heey, do u now if Quinn and Rachel will start a friendship or they will be still fighting for Finn?
@_BiggFan I've heard they will become friends through all of this. Not totally sure yet though.

@NicoleCrowther is there ANYTHING good coming up for Finn and Quinn? D:
@thatcrazykevin yes

@NicoleCrowther we've heard a lot of conflicting things, are the warblers singing at prom for sure or not?
@oldnumetal yes I believe so

@NicoleCrowther dave is going to prom?
@cahmontemor yes

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