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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

@NicoleCrowther I love Finchel but any Puckleberry friendship maybe on the way?
@Eclaree_Finchel yes I believe so :)

@NicoleCrowther Is there any chance of a reunion for Sam and Quinn in the future? A lot of hurt feelings between them after the break up…
@WarblerNick I’d say that’s definitely an option

@NicoleCrowther how is Puck and Lauren’s relationship progressing?
@Maybebabey1 it’s good! She’s running for prom queen :)

@NicoleCrowther Karofsky is going to the prom with a girl or a boy?
@serebii22 girl

@NicoleCrowther Is there anything good coming up for Will/Emma? Thanks.
@Saranoh2009 yep yep

@NicoleCrowther I cant handle [Finn] saying he loves [Quinn] or them rolling around a bed. Think I’m safe?
@Twinnieee1 haha you may want to keep sharp objects away from yourself for a bit

@NicoleCrowther Is there a lot of Brittany and Santana scenes or dialogue? Or hardly any? :)
@GLEEmazing I’d say in between. Some good convos in the first couple eps I believe.

@NicoleCrowther Max alder related tweet please
@serebii22 he's been up to his old ways but I hear something or someone might change that

@NicoleCrowther Any Dave and Satana scenes?
@serebii22 yes

@NicoleCrowther any scenes with Artie and Tina coming up?
@YamilethMedina yes

@NicoleCrowther so [Finn and Rachel] are gettin g back together in season 2??
@lollipop6023 it seems that way but I don't know for sure. There's still a couple episodes to film!

@NicoleCrowther Is there anything Brittana fans can look up to in future Glee episodes? :)
@GLEEmazing there's a few good things I've heard of but nothing official for them yet sadly

@NicoleCrowther So, Blaine pushing Karofsky... Is Blaine defending himself, or is he defending Kurt~?
@_Toasty pretty sure it's about both of them.

@NicoleCrowther Have Kurt and Karofsky been "getting along" (having scenes/songs/conversations) lately in any way?
@MissHollySaake not from what I've heard

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