Twitter Spoilers!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

@NicoleCrowther Is Brittana on?
@mindychandler Quoting brad "britanna is on they were always on" ;)

@NicoleCrowther Are there Finn and Quinn scenes us Fuinn fans can look forward to?
@FuinnOnGLEE yes in the beginning episodes.

@NicoleCrowther Please, can you give us a tease of Wemma at prom. Everyone has spoilers but us. We know they go, but is there anything else?
@WElove123 they may have a dance…

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She also tweeted:
- #finchelfans finn tells Jesse to back off Rachel. No fight though :)
- Kurt an Blaine dance
- Will and Emma danxe
- Sadly no end of bartie yet

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