What Lies Ahead: 'Rumours' and Spoilers from NY!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Let's Hear It for New York: How awesome are those photos of the cast that keep pouring in from on location shooting? If you haven't seen these photos, please tell me the address of the rock you've been living under and I'll bring them to you personally. My NYC spies are telling me that some very interesting things have been witnessed on the Finchel front, as made apparent by some of the recent photos. We told you Finn and Rachel were acting awfully chummy while shooting scenes in yesterday's Spoiler Chat, and from what I hear…it's continuing. Perhaps Finn and Rachel reconcile before Nationals? Or do you think the rush of competition brings them together again, à la the season-one finale?

Prom Pickle Resolved: Since Darren Criss told us that prom reshoots would really suck, we can only imagine between a crazy shoot schedule in NYC and the tour preparations, there won't be much time for the cast to breathe, let alone go in and reshoot scenes. Those prom spoilers that leaked? Probably not changing anytime soon. Good news or bad news for you guys?

Brittana Gets a Break: Next week's episode, titled "Rumors," might be the dart of hope to shoot directly into the hearts of Brittany-Santana fans everywhere. I can't promise it'll be kiss and makeup, but I can definitely promise some much-needed interaction.

The Opposite of Finchel Re-Emerges: Well, I guess the opposite of Finchel would be just Rachel, but my point is that Puck and Rachel will have some scenes together quite soon. And while I don't think the point is for them to reignite any former fire, it certainly feels that way with the amount of chemistry Lea and Mark have.

Another Death: Yes, the gang has shot a scene for an upcoming episode on location at a funeral parlor. But what I find most interesting about this fact is those who attended this funeral. It's the usual suspects…plus Sue Sylvester. Now, who could be kicking the bucket that would lead to the Cheerios coach to zip up her nicest black track suit?

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