2011 Fox Upfronts

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In preparation for the event, Fox released their fall/midseason schedules and Glee will be retaining its slot for season 3:
"Glee will continue to rule Tuesdays, leading into freshman comedy New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel and the return of Raising Hope."
In March, while GLEE takes a break before its spring semester return, FOX will continue the laughs on Tuesdays with a block of four half-hour comedies.

Information from different sources:

via; THR-Liveblog: Oh, they're starting things off with a Glee performance. I'm outta here.

It's the Warblers. Not quite like seeing Elvis Costello twice last week. Sing it like you mean it, boys.

Now a Glee clip about New York, but it's got Santana wearing the hell out of another dress, so we're good. Stand by.

Answer: No, you can't watch this stream. It's for media only. Sorry. But I'll try to be as descriptive as possible. As in, Santana: tight dress. Hot. Etc.

Sue Sylvester live in the house.

Sue in character, bashing on actors and Fox execs.

Glee actors showed up too. But..oh never mind.

"TV engages viewers at the deepest emotional level." Really? Oh, you mean like when Santana wears that crazy short dress? Got it. Not getting to the emotional level with, say, American Dad.


via; New-York-Magazine: The show at the Beacon Theater opened with the Warblers, led by Darren Criss, singing "Hey Soul Sister." This is a terrible song, but you can't fault the singers: They sang their cutely uniformed hearts out. After the warbling, the audience was treated to the cast of Glee singing a crazed rendition of "New York, New York," while dancing around Lincoln Center. (The things Heather Morris can do in heels are second only to Beyoncé). And then, just as last year, Sue Sylvester and her megaphone came out on stage to welcome, or rather insult, the audience. "I would like to say to each and everyone of you, you're welcome," she said, before making some jokes about how pampered all the Fox stars are and how much money they cost. "Me, I'm staying at the midtown YMCA. I got here by bus, because I like to mingle with the likes of you, the little people," Sue sneered. This went over like gangbusters. Being insulted by Sue is like having your ass kissed by a normal person. She even throws in a Charlie Sheen joke, because she is impenetrable. "We came here to give a big tiger blood welcome to your attention-seeking Gleeks," she says, by way of introducing all the actors on all of Fox's shows, who are starting to trot out to wave to the audience.

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  1. Hey, thanks for this video and fotos! I run a "Darren Criss Videos" tumblr page and I was wondering... Could you please tell us where did you film this (because maybe we could make a better version and then I'll send you) or at least give me permition to post this on my tumblr with the link to this site bellow?