5 Random Things About Jonathan Groff

Friday, May 13, 2011

1- He’s back on Glee.

2- He’s half-Mennonite. Sort of. We’re still fascinated and want to know more. Even after all these years. Even though we actually do know more.

3- He’s the cutest person you’ve ever seen, even though he’s not. But he is. You know what I mean?

4- He and Lea Michele had some weird shenanigans going on during Spring Awakening when they pretended to be fake in love with each other. Not that they aren’t actually in love with each other, because I think they actually are. But not in love in love. But it was kind of fascinating-yet-disturbing-yet-charming, and no one could have achieved that as artfully as Jonathan Groff.

5- We’ll wonder forever if he’s actually a horrible person on the inside. Because all of his characters are and it’s easy to extrapolate. And then we’ll wonder why we don’t care one way or the other.

6- Yeah, there’s six. To make up for the first one. At one point in time, he was technology averse and always had a marginally phone-like device on him that could not, under any circumstances, be categorized as a “smart” phone. Maybe he’s caught up by now. You know, hanging out in Los Angeles and all. But it was still really endearing. Really.

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