Ask Mo Time: Glee

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Matt: Is it true that Blaine will only appear in one of the final four episodes of 'Glee' this season? With Darren Criss being the biggest breakout star of this season, sidelining him seems crazy (and particularly insulting to Klaine fans). I'm hoping he'll appear in the finale and it's being kept under wraps. Any chance of that?

Mo says: It's possible. Blaine is not in this week's episode or the May 17 episode, but he's definitely in the May 10 episode. A Fox representative could not confirm definitively whether Criss will appear in the May 24 finale, in which New Directions heads to Nationals. But never fear, even if he isn't in the season 2 finale, I am betting the hunky Blaine will be appearing on the Fox show for some time to come.

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