Darren Criss - GQ Magazine

Friday, May 20, 2011

Okay. Now when you do things like this, it's EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY important that you don't begin to cry out of sexy emotion, or salivate and ruin your computer. I know, I know, Blaine Warbler is very much the sexiest high school kid alive, and Darren Criss just happens to be the even sexier guy that plays him- but let's just try and contain ourselves. Let's just try.

Darren Criss tries on a few wedding suits for GQ Magazine, and I mean... what else is there to say? The guy looks dapper and totally cool. I wish I looked like Darren does here- great, now I have to go and buy all of these awesome clothes! There goes my drinking money... thanks Glee!

But seriously, these are all great looks (the plaid jacket is my favorite, I need that). What's yours?

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