Darren Criss & Matthew Morrison: The 25 Most Stylish Men on TV

Saturday, May 21, 2011

16. Blaine Anderson, (Darren Criss), “Glee”
Had this kid more than one get-up on the show, he may have landed higher. The good news: his one is a slam dunk. He’s basically the epitome of the clean-cut collegiate prepster. He shows up his schoolmates by wearing the repp-tie-anchored uniform with confidence and swagger—a feat that ain’t easy to achieve when you’re the gay kid in a high school in America…even if said school is a progressive private establishment wherein you are the ringleader of a Glee club called “The Warblers.”

7. Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), “Glee”
Mr. Schue is nearly a mirror image of Ben Wyatt—another flatly earnest, well-meaning Midwesterner with a penchant for smart ties, chinos and sensible vests. Oh, and cardigans. And embarrassing solo musical performances of Britney Spears songs. And, erm, fedoras. Still, as far as public high school teachers go, there’s not one as well put-together as this Gleek God.

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