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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

thepostite: Any Glee scoop regarding Brittany/Santana? #brittana
Brittany (Heather Morris), either intentionally or stupidly, does something that really pisses Santana (Naya Rivera) off. Not the best news for Brittana fans, but keep the hope alive for just a few more episodes, mmmkay?

DeGleek: Saw that some amazing Finchel scenes were filmed in NYC. Anything you guys can tell us about that?
The best Finn-Rachel scenes, at least in our humble opinions, have not been photographed yet. That's right. The photos you've seen thus far? Not even the best that's yet to come!

phb34: Please tell us that Fuinn will start to unravel....need Finchel happiness again!
Unravel is the perfect word for what's about to happen to Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Finn (Cory Monteith). Of course, it won't unravel in a nice, straight line. More like a tangled web.

xcalilax: Any chance of some Glee scoop?
You know the gang is going to NYC for nationals, but now we're worried that someone might not make it to the show on time. Producers are casting for an actor to play a nice, slightly overweight security guard at a New York City theater. You know what guards do, don't you? They keep people out of theaters where they need to be singing!

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