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Friday, May 20, 2011

I know you recap Glee, so where’s the love for the show? Don’t make me sic my cat Lord Tubbington on you! — Jacklyn
I’d really like to know if LT is climbing the list of most used cat names as fast as I predict. I hope so — because that would be brilliant. Anyway, let’s talk Nationals. If you believe executive producer Brad Falchuk, it’s going to be simultaneously brilliant and chaotic. “It’s Nationals, so it’s actually a much bigger…it’s teams from all over the country so it’s a much bigger pool. These are these kids from a little place in Ohio, like the Bad News Bears. The whole idea is that no matter how big Regionals has been or Sectionals has been, this is a totally different world and the scope is much bigger and the pressure is much higher and are they prepared for it?” he reveals. “Can they overcome their internal squabbles to come together and take this?” I believe they can…as long as they stop killing people and making us all do the ugly cry.

Hey! Sandra! Need some info on this Finchel date! What happens?! Do they kiss? …OR MORE?!?– Sharee
I can’t spoil the ending!!! And neither will Lea Michele: “We get to go to a lovely dinner and we walk to through Central Park together,” she says. “You’ll have to see how it ends.”

Terri said she’s moving to Miami. Is Jessalyn Gilsig leaving the show? Say it ain’t so! – Rion
It will definitely be an extended leave. But whether it’s permanent remains to be seen since this team has been known to change its mind very quickly. But I’m told that Jessalyn Gilsig will be quite busy in the summer anyhow. She soon begins production on a movie in which she’ll star and produce called, Somewhere Slow. That already sounds like more than they’ve given Terri to do all season!

I'm bored.

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