EW Spoiler Room: Glee

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sandra, I’m as excited as you are about Sam and Mercedes. Please tell me what’s in the cards for them. — Joanie
I can’t speak to their longterm viability, but EP Brad Falchuk assures they’ll continue to simmer over the summer. “When we come back [in season three], they will be together,” he assures. Also on the table as an option next year? A new romance for recently heartbroken (and newly made-over) Quinn!

I loved your idea about bringing in Dustin Goolsby for more Glee time. I find him hilarious. But I’m not totally ready to give up on Sue yet. What’s she going to be up to next season? — Claire
According to Falchuk, the sweet streak will find an end. Asked whether Sue is actually going to stay sweet and stop trying to destroy the glee club, he replied, “No, of course she’s going to try"

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