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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ian talks about 2x21 and some General things about Glee (some of the highlights):
- Ian does the "Here is what you Missed on Glee" promo before the episode starts.
- Brad is writing a new show.
- Brad wrote the eulogy and Fuinn break up scenes. The "tether" thing is in reference to Ryan-Brad brotherly connection
- Ian talks about how they have they have 12 actors on the show and it is so hard to put the focus on all of them. They were lucky to have an embarrassment of riches in terms of the cast talents and at this point of the episode, the cats are incredibly exhausted with all the shit Glee piles on to them.
- He talks about Lea's "My Man" performance and all the emotion she gave out during the performance.
- Ryan was working on this episode to help to cope with his father's death (couple of months ago). Ian praised Brad for the funeral scene.
- Ian does not really pay any attention to the Glee sponsors haha. He does not know what Goggle Chrome is, and did not really know about "It Gets Better".
- Ian thinks Glee could go on for 7 or more years, or until America is completely tired of the show. Cause he thinks you can bring in new characters that can breathe new life into it. (how about breathing new life into your current characters instead of bringing in new characters.)
- They made skins reference about how they would replace a cast after a couple of year. Also, how they have a couple of younger characters who come in, befriend the older cast, then are a part of the new generation.
- Glee has gotten a hold of a mixtape from Paul McCartney.
- They were speculating on what Quinn has up to her sleeves.
- They did a quick "this or that" game. Some of it included "Coke or Pepsi", .Colbert or Jon Stewart".
- They sometimes write pages on the day they shoot.

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