JustJared Interview: Kristin Chenoweth

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kristin Chenoweth helps Montblanc launch its “Tribute to the Montblanc” collection at Saks Fifth Avenue on Thursday (May 19) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actress wore a Theory dress and accessorized with Montblanc jewelry.

The “Tribute to the Montblanc” collection pays homage to the Mont Blanc mountain with all-white writing instruments, leather pieces and jewelry. A portion of proceeds from the collection will support projects that work towards the protection of the Mont Blanc range.

Kristin sat down with JustJared.com at the event to talk about appearing on Oprah’s Series Finale Spectacular, her new ABC showGood Christian Belles, her upcoming album Some Lessons Learned, and her thoughts on the Glee season finale!

Just Jared: Tell us a little bit about why we are here today.
Kristin Chenoweth: I am helping Montblanc celebrate the launch the “Tribute to the Montblanc,” which is their all white collection of pens, jewelry, leather goods, some of which I’m wearing right now.

JJ: What was it like singing for Oprah during her series finale?
KC: Indescribable. One of the top three moments of my life. [When I got the call] I wanted to make sure it was real before I celebrated. I didn’t actually celebrate until I was done singing.

JJ: On the same day you sing “For Good” for Oprah, the song will be featured on the Glee finale. What’s it like for the song to get so much exposure in one day?
KC: I’m just glad for Stephen Schwartz [the composer of Wicked] because he wrote it and it came out of his mind and it is a song that means a lot to a lot of people. It’s nice to be original.

JJ: Did Lea Michele or Chris Colfer ask you for any advice before doing the “For Good” duet?
KC: Oh no, they don’t need my advice. They’re so fabulous.

JJ: Good Christian Belles was just picked up by ABC. What can you tell us about the show?
KC: I can tell you that it will be hard for people not to look at one of the characters and recognize them. I hope they think it’s as fun as I do. It’s pretty great. It is in the world of church, but it’s women who fight all kinds of demons and I am that Queen Bee who likes to stir it up a bit.

JJ: Do you get to sing on the show?
KC: Possibly so! I have a feeling that this character puts herself in the choir and maybe gets herself a solo.

JJ: What shows would you compare it to?
KC: I don’t think there has been anything like it. That’s one of the reasons why I was drawn to it. Bobby Harling who wrote Steel Magnolias, who writes women beautifully, wrote it, and Darren Star, who created Sex and the City and 90210, is our producer. So it is kind of like ours to screw up.

JJ: Your new album drops in September and the single will be released at the end of the month. What can you tell us about those?
KC: I’m excited about the single. I’m really excited about people hearing the record. This was the record when Sony Classical signed me, can I please do this one.

JJ: Why did you name it Some Lessons Learned?
KC: Because I’ve learned a lot of those lessons. I think with human lessons, failures, successes; I’ve always been one to kind of put it out there. I’ve never been one to hide, I feel that certainly. I’ve learned a lot of lessons and I think I have a lot more to learn. It’s not just about love. It’s about friendship and family, and certainly lost love. I don’t know anybody who can’t relate to all of those subjects.

JJ: Will you go on tour to support the album?
KC: I will go on tour for it. The question is when. Now that we know that Good Christian Belles got picked up, I will plan a tour around it. It’s going to kill me, but I’m going to do it. I’m dying to get on the road. I’ve never really done a tour, so to speak.

JJ: You’re currently involved in the reading for the Tammy Faye Bakermusical, can you tell us about that?
KC: She was quite an amazing person. She was the first televangelist who supported gay people. And she was truly the most real person I had ever seen. You think its fake because it’s so real. She’s also a character, which makes her very fun to play, and she’s been to hell and back, which makes her fun to play. I’m really excited about the project. Henry Krieger wrote the music, and if he can write Dreamgirls, people can expect great things.

JJ: Are you hoping it will come to Broadway?
KC: I am. I believe in the project so much. I have very little time, so when I have the time, I want to donate it to something I truly believe in, so yes!

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