Max Adler on Dr. Phil

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dr. Phil welcomes Max Adler, who plays a bully named Dave on the hit show Glee.

Congratulations on all of your success. Robin and I are Gleeks,” Dr. Phil 'fesses up. “We really love the way you have brought this character alive as a bully. I have even more respect for it knowing how much you are not that way, and how much you, in fact, are an activist.

“I shot an It Gets Better Project spot. It’s all over YouTube; it’s gone viral,” Max says. He urges people to visit and take the pledge to stand up for anyone who is bullied.

You should probably stand up for me, because I’m different,Temica RoShawn chimes in.

I think people bully and attack out of ignorance and what they don’t know. You need to be educated about what you’re bullying about,” Max answers. “The show takes a stand against bullying. It turns out [my character is] closeted, and I’m confused about my sexuality, and I bully out of the fact that I’m so scared.

“It is a brilliant portrayal, and it so much showcases the problems with bullying,” Dr. Phil praises Max.

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