Spoilers For Tonight's Episode

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spoiler from breathofmidnightair on tumblr:

Finn breaks up with Quinn after something Sue says her eulogy for Jean touches him and he realizes he doesn’t feel that for Quinn. She says he feels it for Rachel. He doesn’t deny it. Quinn is obsessed with being prom queen next year and Finn doesn’t want the life she wants. 
Quinn calls him out that he feels that way about Rachel and Finn does not deny it.

From gleezone on tumblr:
All I can say
- Driven Rachel and VO Rachel remembering the Pilot 
- Great Kurt/Rachel/Santana/Mercedes scenes and they kill it with their solos 
- Quinn still wants to win Prom Queen/King with Finn next year 
- Sue has good news to Becky 
- Rachel is not the only one crying during her solo 
- Lord Tubbington is not the only smoker
I'm not sure how reliable they are but figured I'd post for the hell of it 

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