What Lies Ahead: 'Prom Queen' and Groff!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Finn and Rachel's Road to…Somewhere: In yesterday's Spoiler Chat, we told you that there was a Finn and Rachel scene that hasn't been captured via photography yet. To elaborate and share some more, I can tell you that this Finchel moment may or may not include both Lea and Cory in the same place, simply speaking to each other. Confusing? Probably a bit. But what I mean is that a good Finchel moment doesn't necessarily mean it's a scene with both Finn and Rachel. Thus far, I haven't seen this photo floating around the Net. And I am an expert at creeping around the Net for photos. You should see my collection of John Krasinski pics. I'm his future second wife, by the way.

Mr. Schue Hits New York: Yes, all that Broadway talk in this episode meant something. We've all be so focused on the high school kids and all their issues, we almost forgot that the adults on Glee are also capable of their own drama. Do you think the lights of NYC will lure Will away from McKinley? I can't imagine that our fearless leader will soon forget about his dream of being under the lights and on that stage.

Death Is at Our Door: It's at our TV door, at least. The funeral episode is coming up as well, and I see that you all have been guessing away at who will be laid to rest in the Glee world. I wish I could give you more clues on who it is, but the only ones I can think of (that other TV scoopers haven't already said) are way too obvious. And I've seen some of the guesses you guys have put forth, so I know how smart you all are. Plus, the episode is much more than just a funeral, so we can't focus too heavily on that plot point, you know?

Time to Prom and Groff It Up: Did you see? Did you see The Groff in the promo for next week's episode? I was so smitten with just a glimpse of the curly-haired angel known as Jonathan Groff that I almost forgot to be mad about the Quinn and Rachel moment in the bathroom. Almost forgot. Damn you promos for unleashing all my secrets! That is the moment that I cannot wait for fans of Rachel and Quinn's friendship to see. Even though you got a preview of what goes down, it's what comes after that really hits home. Oh, and to paraphrase one of my favorite comments ever on a Glee-Dux: "The Groff is back and nothing hurts." But you know what else I cant wait for? Kurt's prom ensemble. From what I hear, it's going to be both outrageous and fabulous.

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