Cory Interview with BBC: Glee Live and Season 3

Monday, June 06, 2011

The stage version of the TV show hits Manchester at the end of June, before heading to London's O2 arena for a week, then onto Dublin.

Cory Monteith told Newsbeat fans were in for a spectacular show: "It's a huge rock concert basically - think Glee meets Kiss. It's quite over the top and full of dancers and lights. It's really an amazing show and I can't wait for everyone to see it. If you don't believe me just go on YouTube!"

The cast are currently touring America on a 42 date tour, with some fans even dressing up as characters from the show ."In Sacramento a whole group of people came dressed as the characters," says Cory. "We saw them in the crowd and they were holding up signs. It's fantastic."

The 29-year-old also gave a few hints at what the big storylines will be in Glee's third season.
"There's gonna be a lot of transitions happening," he admits. "Rachel's eyes are very much set on New York when we leave season two and Finn is very interested in rekindling a relationship with her. It's gonna be those challenges - does she go to New York? Does she stay? That's what season three is gonna be all about."

"I think it's going to be interesting to see Mr Schuester's role - whether he pursues his Broadway dream or whether he stays at McKinley High."

Bieber's girlfriend
Cory has also been plying his trade on the big screen, acting alongside Leighton Meester and Selena Gomez (Justin Bieber's girlfriend) in Monte Carlo. The film is a romantic comedy about three girls on holiday in Paris who get whisked away after one of them is mistaken for a British heiress.

"It was probably the best summer of my life," admits Cory. "I got time to go overseas and see all these countries in Europe and shoot this fun movie."
"It was probably the best summer of my life" 
Cory on filming Monte Carlo
There were no unexpected Bieber appearances on set, but the Canadian actor says he's got a close relationship with Justin's other half.

"Selena [Gomez] is absolutely my little sister and we all got along well," he says. As well as his on-screen activities, Cory is also keeping busy with charity work as a Virgin Unite ambassador. He's trying to encourage people to volunteer to help young people who are at risk or homeless.

"It's great to be able to use this platform that the show has provided to do as much good as possible", he says. "I'll offer myself up as much as I possibly can."

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