'The Glee Project' Premiere Ratings: Why So Low? +Idina Menzel To Judge on Next Week's Episode

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Next week's assignment is "Theatricality" and they'll be performing Bad Romance.

The show's launch was watched by less than half a million viewers, a very unimpressive start to the show that will give on lucky constant a seven-episode guest role on the hit FOX series Glee, which averaged over 10 million viewers in its second season. 

To understand how bad The Glee Project's numbers are, you might need a little context since Oxygen isn't a huge network. The recent season finale of The Bad Girls Club was watched by nearly 1.5 million viewers. The series premiere of the reality series All About Aubrey earlier this year had over 720,000 viewers. And the recent series premiere of Paris Hilton's new reality series, The World According to Paris, had just over 400,000. So at least The Glee Project beat Paris.

But with a ton of promotion, positive reviews and a strong connection to a major hit TV show with a successful concert series currently going on, it's still shocking that The Glee Project did so poorly in the ratings.

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