Parade of Fashions Tumblr: Glee Cast

Monday, June 06, 2011

Jenna. Newest sunnies. 

Kevin. New shades. 

Chord. Use your colors. 

Lea. Night on the tzown. 

Jenna. So 90s. 


Kevin. Easy and sophisticated.
Me. Day-to-Night, Travel Day 1.
Heather. Layering for a new generation.
Zach. T-shirt and jeans; classic.
Ashley. Gentlemanlady.
Amber. DIY glam hat.

Dianna. Cat-ftan.
Lea. Knit-a-porter.
Me. More is more.
Naya. Memorial Day Americana.
Me. Poolside in peacock.
Kevin. Love a leather boat shoe.

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