Radio Interview With Jonathan Groff

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

via: thecraptacular; So, something cool that we got to do recently: We got to interview Jonathan Groff. Yeah, that’s him right up there.

That was fun. And yeah, we were so nervous that we almost puked. And yeah, he really is basically is a darling sweet child who you want to cradle in your arms and stuff. And yeah, if it weren’t for this audio recording of the interview as proof, we honestly would not believe that it really happened.

Up for discussion: The Glee tour, working with good looking people, the awesomeness that is Jesse St. James, and much more.

Mucho thanks again to James Marino and Michael Portantiere for sharing Jonathan with us for this brief and lovely edition of BroadwayRadio. We wept a little bit afterwards. From joy and craziness.

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