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Friday, July 29, 2011

Visiting The Empire State Building
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New York Smurf Week Kick Off Ceremony
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Jayma on Conan

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Neil Patrick Harris Talks His Dope Kids And Run DMC

Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays lead you on a magical tale of The Smurfs.

The man known as NPH is hilarious in this film and the woman who plays his pregnant wife, Glee‘s Jayma Mays is equally as great.

GlobalGrind caught up with these two to get all the juice on filming The Smurfs movie. We asked Neil about his new twins, rocking out to Run DMC, as well as his use of the slang word dope!

This might be just the perfect pair to prevent the movie blues. Check out the interview below.

What would you do if Smurfs actually invaded your house in real life?
JM: I would probably embrace it and say this is great, this isn’t weird at all that little blue men are in my house.
NPH: I’ll probably taze them and keep them in a small box and quickly find a reality show and try to profit from it.

Neil, earlier this morning you tweeted that it’s your twin’s 9-month birthday. You said it would be dope. We just wanted to know, if after 9 months you could name them and give them Smurf names what would the twins names be?
NPH: I think Gedian would be Stout Smurf because he’s like roar roar, he’s like a tank. TankerSmurf Harper is like, beautiful Smurf. She’s very eye batter right now. Very wanting to hug and wanting to be smiling and get a smile back. She’s very girly.

What’s been your favorite part about being a father while we’re talking about your twins?
NPH: The consistent change. Before babies I worked very hard to make sure I understood my surroundings and sort of figured out where I fit in the world whether it was at work or in a social situation. But with kids, the rule is you can’t really do that. They dictate and change so much, so you just have to go with the flow more and be present. Not have big expectations.

Have they had any major first’s recently?
NPH: No not yet, I’m waiting for them to crawl.
JM: Didn’t they go to jail?
NPH: Their first walk in jail didn’t they have it? One of them got locked in jail, but no; they’re great, but no big announcements. (Laughs).

Were you guys fans of the Smurfs in the ’80s cartoons?
NPH: I was, but I wasn’t a rabid collector of figurines and what not. Saturday morning cartoons with overly sugary cereal were a normal thing back in the ’80s.
JM: Well, I had a different experience; I was forced to watch the Smurfs. My mom was a big big fan of them and a rabid collector. Every Saturday morning I would come down and she would sit me in front of the television and say, ‘You’re going to watch the Smurfs.’ So just to spite her I would always say Gargamel was my favorite. That’s so evil to say that to my mother. But I secretly loved them. They were definitely in my house, sheets, cups, the whole thing. I know it sounds crazy, but my mom isn’t crazy. She is quite normal, I promise.

Are there any funny stories working with Sofia?
NPH: Sofia Vergara is hilarious. My only concern, since it’s a family movie and that adults will be amused by it and especially by her, that the kids will be watching it. I had no idea that they will be able to understand the words she was saying while we were filming. During our scenes, she’s walking and she’s talking and I don’t know what she just said. She’s just her own force of nature. That was the only thing I kept laughing at. Like how can our kids know what you are saying? I’m a big fan, she’s really good with the improv because of Modern Family, the last year and a half with that. They work under a go with the flow style. So if we screwed up or something got bumped or if we wanted to adlib, she was right on track all the time.

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